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Platinum Series DVR's

Player for downloaded videos Zip File Here

CMS Software Zip File Here



Platinum Codec for Media Player Zip File Here




ME Version DVR's CMS(Central Managment System) Software

CMS Run This File


CMS v2 User Manual.pdf



Note: set your user name and password during installation (you don't have to set a password( it can be blank))


CMS New Style V2 2300ME version's DVR




Some versions of Windows Media Player need a codec to play our saved video files. you need to run this file only one time.


24 Hour Phone Support - 800-658-9605




ProTech Security, Inc.
5110 N. Hwy 71
Alma AR  72921

Main Office and Warehouse
Office 800-658-9605

Fort Smith

Office Hours are:
Monday ~ Friday 8:00AM ~ 5:00PM
Open 24 Hours for service

AR Contractors License# 0142150309
AR Alarm Lic# E90-07
OK Alarm Lic# 640